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Over the past couple of months we, along with our sister company Smart Office Services, have been selling chocolates to any sweet toothed person who passed our desks. This has raised £200 for Medical Detection Dogs, a local charity that trains specialist dogs to detect the odour of human disease.

Their work results in highly trained dogs that can assist in one of three possible ways:

2015 06 01_2508_600x462Medical Alert Assistance Dogs: these dogs are trained to help individuals with complex health conditions – they detect the odour associated with specific medical events. One example is helping to avoid dangerously low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia) in people with diabetes.  A hypo can be extremely dangerous and particularly in young children and adolescents can occur rapidly and be difficult to detect quickly. The dogs are able to detect the minute changes in blood sugar levels and warn their owner, get help and fetch vital medical supplies.

Cancer Detection Dogs: there are two aims with the work in this area –

  1. Assist in research programmes that are trying to create electronic ‘noses’ that can assist in the early detection of certain cancers
  2. Provide a second line of screening for cancers that are difficult to diagnose reliably such as prostate cancer.

Bio-Detection Dogs: Working alongside a major security company, Medical Detection Dogs are used to detect certain biological organisms including a bedbug detection service. Their noses are so sensitive that they can detect a single bug or bedbug egg and they can do that in a fraction of the time it would take a human to inspect a hotel room. This service provides a valuable revenue stream for the charity that allows them to train even more dogs.

2015 06 01_2573_299x425Medical Detection Dogs in Action

Whilst we were visiting their site we got to see exactly how important this work is. One of the owners who had brought their dog in to show us began to suffer from low blood sugar (unbeknownst to her). Her dog immediately became agitated and gave the distinctive ‘tell’ he had been trained to show. After a quick test and some extra sugary drink, the lady was back to normal in no time – it was a very impressive display of just how good these dogs are.

medical_detection_dogs_logoThank You!

We would like to thank everyone that purchased chocolates and helped us to raise this donation. We would also like to thank everyone at Medical Detection Dogs for making us feel so welcome and for introducing us to some of their amazing dogs. A very inspiring place to walk around.



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